Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Whites

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I'm trying not to let the snow and cold get me down.  Especially since it means a certain seven-month old goes out far less than she wants to these days.  But, the snow has me thinking that white looks awfully good on babies.

Babies, look wonderful in white. They look great in everything of course, but white just makes them look all the more sweet and beautiful.  What is more precious than a baby scooting about in a little white onesie?  Not a whole lot.

Now I understand some of you think dressing up your baby in white is a dangerous proposition.  Yes, they spit up, poo, and get into all sorts of things.  But light pinks, blues, and yellows also show stains.  So, buy some Oxyclean do a double wash and let your baby wear white!


  1. vomit and poop are creative juices Рyou didn't see jackson pollock complaining about his paint-splattered dungarees, did you? no, you say, but that's because he was too drunk to know the difference. touch̩.

    1. unknown is eli, i don't know why i was anonymyzed

    2. @anonoeli tienes razon. Maybe I will post some photos of a meal of avocado and sweet potatoes. An artistic experience indeed.