Monday, February 10, 2014

Be My Little Baby (Baby Valentine's Picks)

Since I became an adult, I've pretty much been underwhelmed by Valentine's Day.  Overpriced dinners, the smell of over-fertilized flowers, the list of disappointments is too long to share here.  

At the heart of it, Valentine's Day is a great concept, especially if you are a kid.  How sweet to have a day devoted to spreading love and appreciation.  I loved making valentines out of doilies for my classmates and coming home with my construction paper mailbox filled with the ones I'd received.   I also loved making heart shaped sugar cookies topped with red icing and pink sugar crystals.  
This week Cricket received a number of fun Valentine's gifts from her great aunts and grandmother.  I had not thought about sending a baby a Valentine's gift but when I opened up Cricket's presents I understood what a sweet idea it was.  Here are some gift ideas for your favorite Cupid.   

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