Saturday, February 8, 2014

McFly! (The Orange Puffer Vest)

Do you have a Mommieform?  That go to outfit that you can throw on so you look like you care even if you are exhausted and know that you will likely get covered in some type of something or other from your cutie pie.

I love a puffer vest, therefore I have more than one.  Since the fall my flamingo colored JCrew excursion vest has been on heavy rotation.   It perks up whatever it is I'm wearing.  

Left: Jcrew Scarf/ JCrew Tippi Marino Sweater/ JCrew Black Matchstick Jeans/
Center: JCrew Excursion Vest in Flamingo/ Isabel Marrant Boots / Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats
Right: Equiptment Flanel Shirt sold out but similar HERE/ JCrew Andie Chino

Post baby I really needed to strategize what I could wear since I had a little more fluff to cover up. Over the past few months I have learned that black skinny jeans and a strategic scarf are your best friends when you want to conceal my tummy.  I also learned that buttoned down shirts look better when the sleeves are rolled up and they aren't buttoned up or down all the way.  Okay I admit I'm a late adopter on point two.

P.S. Am I the only one that thinks about Marty McFly when I put on my puffer vest?

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