Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scandal Babies

Scandal is one of my favorite shows. Lately I've been thinking about what kinds of babies these out control adults once were. Below are some wardrobe ideas should Shonda Rhimes ever decide to do a prequal.

Baby Olivia

Some babies were born with silver spoons in their mouths; Liv was born with a stylist on speed dial. And while her mother and father might be some of the most morally ambiguous parents out there, one thing is certain, they loved their daughter very much and spared no expense in providing for her.

Baby Liv most certainly wore white with hints of grey and other complementary colors. Nobody lounges around better than Liv and Baby Liv would also be dressed impeccably for her playdates and bottle time. And if any baby was going to rock an $1,800 D&G coat that baby would be Liv!

Baby Fitz

Kissy Kissy Airplane Footie/ Skylar Luna Star Sleepset/ JCrew Baby Anchor Cashmere Sweater/Baby Gap Navy Pull-On Khakis/ Florence Eiseman Eton Suit/ White Sailor Suit
The future leader of the free world was once a boy with a simple dream of flying. Not even a cruel and overbearing father would keep this baby boy from achieving his dreams.  Baby Fitz would be all about wearing clothes with  planes, boats, an anchors on them. Given his pedigree he would have an Eton suit on hand for more formal occasions and of course his very own sailor suit.

Baby Mellie

Royal Baby LayetteKissy Kissy Footie and Jacket SetFlorence Eiseman Dresses available at Bergdorfs/  Kissy Kissy Gown and Bonnet/ Ralph Lauren Smocked Taffeta Dress

Baby Mellie was a baby born with purpose.  Her "take me home" outfit would have been a full set with a matching jacket or sweater.  I'm sure her mother took nothing to chance where her little Alpha baby was concerned.  For playdates and casual time Baby Mellie was always in a dress, and by dress I mean a Florence Eiseman shift.  On dressier occasions, Baby Mellie was all about bonnets, bows, and smocking.  

Finally, Fourth of July wear would be the cornerstone of Miss Mellie's wardrobe.  

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