Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Challenge

This year, I'm trying to challenge to develop better habits each month.  While I hope to meet each challenge 100% perfection is not the goal.  The goal is to try to do better.  

This month I've challenged myself to eating breakfast at home every weekday.  Weekends will not be part of this challenge because brunch is my favorite meal, and also because having a six month old means that daytime socializing is where it is at. In the mornings I'm in a rush I find myself going to Starbucks or my building cafeteria to get fueled up.  I rarely make a healthy choice and I always end up spending more money than I would if I stayed at home.

I did pretty well this week considering it was the busiest week since I returned from maternity leave.  I bought a bagel on Thursday morning and considering my track record these past few months I consider that to be a victory.

What types of good habits would you like to embrace?

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