Monday, February 10, 2014

Starting Solids

The little one is just starting on solids. As I've learned with almost everything related to parenthood each new phase presents its own challenges and presents you with new things you need. We were lucky to get most of her "solid supplies" as either gifts or hand me downs, but did purchase a new high chair for her.

Our doctor recommended we start with rice cereal just to see how our little one responded to solids. He said once we saw that she could tolerate the rice cereal we could move onto other types of food. Before we made our own food I purchased a few packets and jars of baby food so that I could get a sense of what the consistency is like.

2. Food Processing and Storage

So far the little one has eaten, peas, avocado, green beans and carrots. I found that for most things the Cuisinart Smart Stick works great because I don't have to move the food I've steamed into a processor.

For storage, I received the Beaba freezing pods as a gift and purchased the Oxo containers because they are in individual containers and I think they will be easier to take along. I decided to make an extra purchase for the containers because they are BPA free and also because they are a good serving size.

3. Plates and utencils

Baby Bjorn Bibs/ Beaba Spoons/ Unbreakable or Melamine Plates

Good bibs, eating utencils and burp cloths make excellent gifts for new Moms. I wish I had known this pre-baby when I was giving my friends outfits their babies would soon grow out of. We received some cute plates after baby girl was born. My favorites were the above Skip Hop Owl dish set and a personalized plate and place mat set by Kelly Hughes Designs.

The bibs that collect all of the purees are great but honestly for now baby girl just eats with a diaper on. I do think they will come in handy once she starts eating more.

We are using a hand me down Bumbo until our Stokke Tripp Trapp comes in. This is probably one of my biggest purchases for the little one and I'll let you know if I regret spending that much for a high chair. For now I like the idea of having something that is durable, space saving and visually appealing. The Bumbo is working great for now but it will be nice to have her in a more sturdy chair.

We also received this great oil cloth splat mat as a gift. We can use it for picnics in the summertime.

As for the paper towels, I've learned the hard way I can't have to many rolls especially now that we are on solids. What did you find most useful when your little one transitioned to solids?

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