Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Challenge: Week 2 (Life Gets in the Way)

Life:1 February Challenge:0

That just about sums things up.  We were living in a hotel this week and the snow has delayed our return home.  

Since I could not make myself breakfast I agreed that I would eat things like oatmeal, fruit, and hard boiled eggs.  My initial thoughts about spending a week in a hotel were: room service, a freshly made bed every morning, gym and pool at the ready.  I didn't factor in that a certain seven-month old would not enjoy hotel living.

And because I was sleep deprived I "deserved" cherry ricotta pancakes, baked apple and lemon pancakes, eggs Florentine (with extra sauce).  So there you have it.  My week in regression.  Here is to a better week next week.

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