Thursday, August 14, 2014

Airplane Diaper Bag

1. Changing Pad/ 2. Ziploc Bag/ 3. Dirty Diaper Bag/ 4. Snack Cup/ 5. Sippy Cup/ 6. Snacks/ 7. Board Book/ 8. Small Toy/ 9. Teddy Bear/ 10. Outfit/ 11. Blanket/ 12. Muslin Blankets and Skip Hop Bag.

We just got back from vacation and it was the first time I flew solo with my daughter.  In the past, I had my husband to help me out.  So on this trip I needed to make sure that I had as little as possible so that I could easily get on and off the plane with my very active new walker.

These were our must-have items.   


I'm going to assume that you've taken your child outside of your home before venturing onto an airplane. Therefore, you probably already have your diaper bag filled with the requisite diapers and wipes. Just be sure to have 1-2 days worth of diapers in case you get stranded at the airport.   

My second assumption is that this is a list for a bigger baby.  If your child is breast feeding or in the small baby category you will probably need to add or subtract from this list. 

1. A Changing Mat is nice to have for messy airports and even more haphazard airplane changes.  I like this mat because it is both roomy and also folds up to a small size.  It has pockets so it can double as as a diaper clutch, especially handy for diaper changes in an airplane.

2. Ziploc Bags are great for messy clothes, uneaten food etc. 

3. Dirty Diaper Baggies. . .  I didn't know about these until after my daughter was born, but you do want some bags in case you need to carry your trash with you.  These are also handy for when you need to dispose of diapers in public rest rooms.  You can use old grocery store bags, but this contraption keeps the bags wrapped up and tidy. 

4. Snack Cups allow your child to have her favorite snacks without getting them everywhere. 

5. Sippy Cups or Bottles are a must so your child is sucking on something for take off and landing. 

6. Bring Food that your child enjoys eating but select things that are portable and don't cause big messes.  

7. Board Books are great entertainment for waits at the gate or on the airplane. 

8.  One or two small toys for the plane ride help make the time go by faster.  Even though this toy has a musical component, I've found it keeps my daughter very distracted and the noise level is fine for the airport. 

9. A Plush Toy is key so that your little one has a friend to snuggle with on the plane.

10. Bring at least One Complete Head to Toe Outfit.  I love the Carters outfit sets because they often have zip up hoodies and are easy to get on and off.

11. A Warm Blanket is good for longer plane flights.

12. Muslin Blankets are useful because they fold up nicely and as you probably know are multipurpose. You can set one up as a barrier between you and your lap-child, or you can also use it as a burp cloth, among other things. 

Other thoughts: 
  • Stick to your usual (hopefully cross body) diaper bag.  A plane ride is not the time to mix it up. 
  • Some parents like to bring Ipads or portable DVD players.  I think this might be a good idea for older toddlers, but my one year old is still a bit young for them. 
  • If you are breast feeding be sure to bring your nursing cover and other things you might needs.
  • Wait for others to get off the plane so that you can take the time you need to collect everything without worrying about those behind you. 
  • If you have space take an extra shirt for yourself in case your child's accident spills onto you. 
Did I miss anything? What do you pack in your airplane diaper bag?

And here is a link about our trip and here is a link some amazing toddler sandals.

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