Monday, August 18, 2014

Shoe Loves (Charleston Shoe Company)

Charleston Shoe Company's owner and founder.  Images via Charleston Shoe's website

During our vacation I discovered these awesome boots made by the Charleston Shoe Company.  I liked them because they looked like they would be sturdy but sexy. 

And indeed I think that's what Charleston Shoe Company is going for.  Their slogan is "from cobblestones to cocktails." While I'm not often on cobblestone streets, I do like to have shoes that I can wear from the metro to work to wherever.  

What is your go to shoe?

P.S. I found discovered this brand at a wonderful store called Stina Sayre. 
P.P.S  Adorable sandals for your favorite new walker. 

The Savage Boot was my choice. 

I'm would like to  get the Gibbes Boot in Black Pinstripe for rainy days.

Don't you think their heels and sandals would be great for beach or farmhouse weddings.

The Logan Cocktail Shoe in Gold

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