Monday, August 11, 2014

Return from the Green World

A grey morning in Menemsha on Martha's Vineyard. Photo by Handle with Karo

We are back from our first vacation as a family of three.

In college, I learned about a literary concept called the Green World.  In this world, a story's principal characters converge in a loosely structured, natural environment where their issues become resolved (think a Midsummer Night's Dream).

Vacationing with a child is not exactly relaxing. But, my time away felt like a trip to the Green World. The unstructured days, combined with pretty walks, daily swims, and new experiences really helped to rest and open my mind. Giving me the rare opportunity to make some new resolutions and focus on what's important to me.

The photo above was taken during one my early morning walks with my daughter.  The painter is an art teacher in Great Neck.  Sometimes rainy days can be beautiful the most days.

Are you taking a summer vacation?

Here is a link to great sandals for toddlers and later this week I will have a post on airplane essentials. 

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  1. Welcome home! Glad your vacation was enjoyable (despite not super restful ;) Beautiful photo.