Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bunny Gifts (Variations on a Theme)

1. Tiffany Bunny Bank 2. Bunny Walker 3. Dwell Studio Pillow 4. CozyChic Blanket Buddy 5. Dwell Studio Cotton Cannister 6. That's not my Bunny Book 7. Bunny Baby Shoes 8. Gap Pajamas
Do you know of any Eastertime babies? Maybe you know some of parents or babies that are particularly into bunnies? Or perhaps you are visiting a young niece or nephew this weekend?  If so, we have some gift suggestions for you.

The Lavish

For the baby you want to lavish, the Tiffany Bunny bank is a can't-go-wrong keepsake.  The Bunny Walker, while pricey is a great gift for bigger babies and toddlers that are just beginning to walk.  Who doesn't love a soft blanket?  And I really heart that Dwell Studio pillow.

The Useful

If you want to go the useful route, most mom's agree that Gap pajamas are awesome (go for a size up).  In my very limited time as a parent I have come to love board books.  That's not my Bunny, is currently one of my daughter's favorite books.

The Quirky

For a gift that is slightly quirky, check out the bunny shoes from Giggle or the Dwell Studio cotton canister.  I wonder if I'm the only one who has fond memories of those cotton-tail canisters? 

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