Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Organize an EASY Easter Egg Hunt

Ombre Eggs Photo from Country Living
This weekend the parents in my building got together to host an Easter egg hunt for our smaller residents. I had no idea how easy it is to put an Easter egg hunt together. Everything you need can be purchased at your local drug store, and if you are on the craftier side, you might have some things lying around your house.

You could spend all night looking at all the beautiful Easter egg hunts on Pinterests, but really, kids don't care about beautiful yard signs and dessert bars.  They just want to run around and search for treats.   

Handle with Karo's Quick Guide to an Easy Easter Egg Hunt
Center Eco Eggs (available at Whole Foods) Starting clockwise at 12:00 Finger Puppets/ Happy Puffs/ Chocolates/ Easter Activity Books/ Troll Doll/ Sidewalk Chalk/ Bubbles (Party Packs available on Amazon and at Party City/ Stickers
The Logistics
  1. Find at least one interested child. (The more the merrier.)
  2. Find a location. (It can be indoors or outdoors.)
  3. Pick a time.
  4. Ask each parent to be responsible for providing about 12 treats or filled eggs per child.
The Treats

  • You can fill the eggs with candy or any other small gift like stickers, tiny dolls, fake tattoos, or finger puppets. You can also lay out larger items around the hunt zone, including sidewalk chalk, bubbles, or small coloring books. The key is to have a variety of things that are age appropriate.
  • Since my little one is not eating candy or coloring just yet, I filled a few Eco Eggs with some Happy Puffs. She and her pal enjoyed shaking them and then eating and throwing them around once we opened the eggs up.

Oh and I would have put some of those finger puppets inside the eggs if I had a little more time to think about the whole endeavor.  Until next year!



  1. another easy way to organize an easter egg hunt is to be jewish, and not organize one.

    1. @anon aka Elis would you like to write a guest post on how to host an "easy" Seder?