Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby Girls Part II (Jessa and Shoshona)

I had this blog entry ready to go a few weeks ago before my Facebook account was abrubptly disabled. Since then, I had been focused on getting my account (and photos) back and then my regular life and work picked up. So let's return to part II of our Baby Girls series. I had so much fun putting Shoshanna and Jessa's baby outfits together.  Take a look  how how these stylish cousins dressed as babies after the jump.


1. Marie Chantal Flutter Top 2. Tutu from JCrew 3. Tights from Pink Chicken
4. Juicy Jumpsuit 5. Juicy Romper (sold out) 6. Prada Diaper Bag
Of all of our "Girls," Shoshanna would have probably been the most fashion forward baby.  Tutu's and Juicy jumpsuites would clearly be on her list of must-haves.  Who can forget Shosh's outfit from the first season's Crackcident episode.  We all know she wore something similar to that outfit for birthday parties as wee one.

I also imagine that Shosh would require her Mom to have a high end baby bag like the Prada bag shown above. 


1. Gap Romper (sold out but similar idea here, here and here) 2. Marie Chantal Gold Flutter Dress 3. JCrew Pants 4. Uggs 5. Baby Turban by Cisagail 6. Boho Messenger Bag by TaTonYon
Baby Jessa would have been all about handmade clothing but at the same time she would have been dawning some high end pieces from Marie Chantal and JCrew Baby. And if any baby was going to rock a baby turban, that baby would be Jessa.  Jessa's mom would likely have found a non-baby diaper bag to hold all of Jessa's essentials. 

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