Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baby Girls (Hanna and Marnie)

I've been suffering from a little bit of insomnia lately.  Sleepless nights for Karo typically involve binge-watching television; and so, last week I binge-watched most of season 3 of Girls. My late night escapades got me thinking about what our favorite self-centered Brooklyn ladies would have worn as babies. 

Tonight I will focus on Marnie and Hanna.



1. Faded Glory Sweatshirt and Leggings 2. Carters Shortsleeve Whale Romper 3. Florence Eiseman Apple Jumper Dress    4. Carter's Two Piece Swimsuit 5. Florence Eiseman Sunhat 6. SkipHop Duo Diaper Bag
I'm 99% sure that Hanna's baby wardrobe was strong on primary colors.  She would have chosen yellow rompers over tutus any day.  We all know that baby Hanna preferred to run around naked, but that Mr. and Mrs. Horvath likely made that sure she at least had on a two piece bathing suit and cap. As for diaper bags, Hanna's mom would definitely chosen a Skip Hop Duo Bag for its functionality.


1. JCrew Baby Cashmere Sweater 2. Gap Jeans 3. D&G Sundress 4. Target Rashguard and swim bottoms 5. JCrew Shoes 6. Kate Spade Diaper Bag
As a baby, Marnie would have been all about JCrew and the Gap with some Target staples and fancier special occasion dresses mixed in. Her Mom would probably have worn complementary mom-wear including a Kate Spade Diaper Bag. 

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