Monday, March 31, 2014

If a Tree Falls in the Woods (On Losing My Facebook Account)

I took this really cute photo of my daughter in a Bucky Badger hat and a red sweatsuit.  She was cheering the Wisconsin Badgers onto victory against the American University Eagles.  The Badgers won!  You probably know about the victory but chances are you don't know about the adorable photo because I no longer have access to my Facebook account. 

Facebook deactivated my account on March 18.  On that morning I tried to log into my account and a message popped up that it had been deactivated for violating Facebook's terms of service.  Since then, I have tried to contact Facebook repeatedly.  In spite of my attempts to contact Facebook, I still don't have my access to my account and I still don't know why my account was disabled.

Losing my Facebook account has been a bit of an existential crisis for me.  For the past six years (yes I was able to snag a wonderful URL) was the place where I interacted with friends, family, and colleagues.   It was where I announced my move to Washington, my engagement, and the birth of my daughter.  It is also the place where I put up carefully curated photos of family gatherings, my wedding, and most recently my daughter's first year. I've lost access to all my contacts and to these photographs.  At one fell swoop I lost the equivalent of my Rolodex, my most treasured photos, my email address, my telephone line, and my hard drive. 

So if your Facebook Account is deactivated, does anyone notice?  I can't create a status update to say, "Annoying day Facebook disabled my account."  I could tell the few friends I still google chat with or text, but my Facebook acquaintances probably just think I gave Facebook up for Lent.  Hopefully Facebook will come to it senses and give me my account back before then. 

A friend of mine from college (AKA my college boyfriend's roommate) went through a different but still aggravating Facebook problem and wrote about it HERE.  He's actually a paid writing professional (writer) so you will probably enjoy reading about his woes more than mine.

Have you lost your Facebook Account? If so, how did you get it back?


  1. your new facebook seems to have disappeared now as well – just in time for me to not be able to comment, free of charge despite my status as a paid writing professional (paid-ish writing professional-ish). time to get a snapchat!

  2. You can comment here if you like.