Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rachel Riley Clothing (The Prince's Choice)

Rachel Riley has been well known for her children's clothing for years.  But, Prince George has brought the designer to a whole knew level of name recognition.

I can understand why the Duchess wants to dress her son in Rachel Riley. The prints and fabrics she uses are both adorable and durable.

My daughter has several fairy godmothers and one of them recently gave her a Rachel Riley dress.  The dress and matching bloomers are sweet, unfussy, and incredibly well constructed (the stitching is impeccable).  The fabric is a sturdy cotton with a gorgeous print that is perfect for a baby. 

Her clothes aren't cheap, but the timeless designs and construction mean that they could easily turn into heirlooms, or at least fabulous hand-me-downs. 

Don't you think the sailboat PJ's would be perfect for either a boy or girl?  These clothes now have me thinking a summer vacation is in order.

You can find Rachel Riley's collection here.

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