Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Packing List (Fashion by the Numbers)

1. Hat/2. Fatigue Jacket/3. Stripped Tank Top/4. Boyfriend Jeans/5. Dress/
6. Heels /7. Clutch /8. Swim Suit /9. PJ's/10 Silk Drawstring Pants /11. T-Shirt /
12 Hoops /13 Slip-on Sneakers /14. Weekender Bag

Travel light, travel right, it's only an overnight. 

My very chic aunt would say this each time I packed for camp or for a vacation. Now that I'm older and somewhat wiser, I hear her saying those words when I get ready to pack for a trip. 

Travel light, travel right, it's only an overnight.

Taking too much stuff with you is a real drag (pun intended).  At the same time, you want to have the right stuff so that you can spend time enjoying your time away rather than worrying about cold feet or your Saturday night ensemble.  

Travel light, travel right, it's only an overnight

HwK's Fashion by the Numbers

Friday/Travel= 1&2&3&4&12&13
Saturday Stroll= 1&10&11&12&13
Poolside (essential if you are traveling with children)= 1&8&10&11&13
Saturday Night= 5&6&7&12
Sunday Brunch= 1&12&13&(10&11 | 2&5&7|  3&7&10)
Sunday Travel= Friday/Travel | Sunday Brunch - [5] 

H/T to my friend Ross who helped make sure my proofs were properly written.

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