Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Morning Entertainment (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's Music Box Theater)

Photo via Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Saturday mornings post-baby sure are a lot different.  If you are lucky, the morning starts at about 6:30.  You could spend the morning in your home biding time until the nap, but let's face it, staying inside can be torture for everyone.  Life's a little trickier now, but that doesn't mean there aren't things for you to do with your little one before noon.    

This weekend baby girl and I had a morning date to see Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's (BMO) Moo Baa Neigh at the Strathmore. The performance was part of BMO's Music Box Series for children between 6 months and 3 years of age. It featured a clarinet quintet and story teller Maria Broom

You might remember Maria Broom as Marla from HBO's the Wire. But this Saturday she was Miss Maria, the expressive and sweet storyteller, who led kiddos through 30 minutes of dancing and singing to Mozart as well as some classic barnyard tunes like Old MacDonald.

Miss Maria gets the crowd going on Saturday.

I would recommend this event to other parents for a few key reasons.

  1. The kiddos liked it.  (See photo of dancing children above)
  2. The 30 minute performance is the right amount of time for little ones. 
  3. The pre-concert activities were fun, engaging, and age appropriate.
  4. The 10 am and 11 am showtimes are perfect for the under 3 set.  
  5. The Strathmore is easy to get to. You can take the Metro right there, or you can park in the garage adjacent to the concert hall.
I will say that the tickets are $15 dollars a piece. That's not cheap, especially if you want to take more than one child or adult.

I also think the event is best for children that are over a year old and walking. My nine-month old had a fun time, but she was not quite ready to move around and dance with the older kids.     

You can find details about the upcoming June 7th performance HERE.

And a BSO produced clip on the Music Box Series is HERE.

Handle with Karo did not receive any compensation or in-kind gifts in exchange for this review.  She and her daughter genuinely had a a good time.  

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