Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me (The Best Birthday Gifts!)

This weekend we drove up to New England for my husband's college reunion.  It was our first extended road trip as a family of three, and I would say it was a success. 
My birthday also fell on the long weekend.  Since we were travelling we decided to hold off on any big celebrations until we returned from our trip.   
But then, we stopped in Greenwich, CT to see my best friend. We met at my third birthday party, so we have celebrated many many birthdays together.  And she had a beautiful birthday cake waiting for me.  You know that someone is your best friend when she goes through the trouble of ordering a funfetti birthday cake with your name on it. 
Not to be outdone, my husband had a bottle of champagne waiting in the refrigerator.  You know that someone is your partner when he goes through the trouble of making sure there is champagne at the ready to celebrate your birthday. 
Good Health, Happy Family, Best Friend, Cake, and Champagne . . . What more could I ask for?  One of my best birthdays to date. 
How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

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