Friday, July 18, 2014

Where I've Been (Crazy Day Slippers)

Aren't these Stubbs and Wooten slippers perfect for those days where you feel like life is spinning out of control?  The best thing about palm trees is that they sway all over the place but their roots keep them grounded. 

Life's been a little cray cray since I last posted. Over the past three weeks, I've been to two memorial services and spent my first weekend away from my baby.  In addition to that, our nanny was on vacation so I had to navigate the crazy world of finding backup childcare when your child is experiencing stranger anxiety.  I had planned on taking some time off to oversee the transition, but work got totally insane. And by insane I mean the kind of busy where you might decide to go to work even if you had a bad case of food poisoning. 

On the bright side, my daughter taught herself how to walk, turned one, became adjusted to other caregivers and survived for her first birthday party.  And (drum roll please), our first real family vacation starts one week from today.

When my life gets crazy I try hard to simplify.  Meaning I don't do anything beyond resolving the crazy.  Sometimes that's a good strategy but other times it means you don't get to do the things you enjoy that help relieve that stress.  It also means that you put things off that you need or want to do.  That camp care package I put together?  It hasn't been sent yet.  Haven't returned your call (trust me I feel terribly guilty about it). 

Next time this happens I need to remind myself about palm trees and how sometimes keeping up with your routines and hobbies (your foundation) can help you weather the storm. 

How do you stay grounded when your life is feeling like is spinning out of control?

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