Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Campers (Camp Care Package Gift Guide)

Summer is in full swing. I imagine many of you know a camper that is either having the time of her life or about to have the time of her life.  What are you planning on sending to your favorite camper? 

1. Watercolor Postcards and Watercolors- Camp is one of the last places on Earth where you actually send and receive snail mail.  These watercolor postcards are a great idea.  Your camper need not only use watercolors.  She can draw on them, decorate them with stickers, decoupage. . .  

2. Personalized Stationary- I love these cards because they have a campy feel to them.  Tinyprints can get these to your camper in less than a week. 

3. Stickers- Younger campers will trade them and older campers can put them on envelopes. 

4. Books- Kids actually read at camp because there's no television.  I am told that Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl series are popular with both pre-teens and their parents. 

5. Fake Tattoos- Because we all know that camp is the time for fake tattoos, friendship bracelets and other fun stuff.

6. A knotted bracelet screams summer.

7. Zinka- I don't know if kids these days use it, but I'm glad to see it's still around. 

8. Glow Bracelets- Things that glow in the dark are fun for campfire time and also after the lights go out.  Get this pack of 100 and your camper can share them with her bunkmates.

9. Hairbands- like socks and underwear, you can't have too many hairbands.

What would you add to your camper's care package?

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