Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Pumping Project (My Pumping Story)

Pumping in front of the Eiffel Tower with a hospital grade pump (NBD).  Photo via Rookie Moms

Rookie Mom's is trying to make pumping an accepted daily activity through its Mom's Pumping Project. They also want the world to see the craziness many Moms endure by encouraging us to upload our pumping photos with the hashtags #rookiemoms #pumpingproject.

The Pumping Project came about two months too late for me to post my own photos. And, I would've had some awesome photos to share with you all. 

Breast feeding has been one of the most exhausting parts of motherhood for me. I was severely anemic after the birth of my daughter, so I needed to pump in order to establish my supply. At first, I just pumped at home, but one day I saw someone pumping in public with the protection of a nursing cover.  I thought hey I can do that too. 

So then I started pumping in coffee shops, in airports, on side of the road, etc. (I even pumped in the park, albeit with less moxie than the woman above.) When I returned to work, I pumped almost exclusively. 

If not for pumping, my daughter would probably have been 100% formula fed after about three weeks.  For that reason alone, I am thankful that I was able to pump.  I'm also grateful for the help and support I received so that I could do it successfully.   

Do you have a pumping story?

More information on the Pumping Project can be found here.

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