Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014

Shinola Watch/ Levenger Iphone and Card Holder/ Glennfiddich 15/ Merino Hoodie/
Madras Shorts/Tie/ Converse by John Varvantos/ Baseball Cap

Father's Day is coming up. It's a going to be a big day in our family. . . my husband's first father's day coincides with his birthday.   So this year I need to come up with something really special. 

I typically like to give a material gift with something a little more thoughtful and non-material. Here are some of my ideas. 

What do you plan on giving your guy for Father's Day?

Shinola Watch: Well constructed and made in Detroit.  You can also give him the gift of time by running some of his errands for him.  

Levenger Iphone Case: It has a place to hold his ID and Cards.  My guy likes to have things streamlined and I imagine most everyone else does too.   

Glenfiddich 15: For the whiskey lover.  You could also take him out for a drink or offer to watch the kiddos while he goes out for a beer with his pals.  Noras has a wonderful whiskey selection and the Passenger makes the most fantastic drinks. 

Fancy Hoodie: This very soft merino hoodie is made in Brooklyn.  It's the type of thing Dad will have for 20 years.  Great for the Dad who bikes to work.  Plan an early morning bike ride for Father's Day and end it with a picnic

A Tie: Guys that wear ties typically appreciate receiving them.  The tie wearer will also appreciate a glass of scotch served neat.   

John Varvantos leather Chuck Taylors: Current yet nostalgic.  He probably would not buy these on his own, but he will enjoy receiving them.  Give him these along with a copy of the Other F word and Suburbia and he can think fondly of the bad old days.

Baseball Cap: They get gross don't they?  He might not wear this one immediately, but he will be grateful to have one in his closet waiting for him when he finally decides to retire the sweat stained one he's been wearing since before you met.  This plus a subscription to MLB TV should keep him happy all summer long.

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