Monday, September 15, 2014

Baby Boos (Baby Halloween Fashions)

1. Monster Romper 2. Cat Set 3. Ghost Socks 4. Orange Elf Suit 5. Gap PJ's 6. Booties 
Last week I had a post on Halloween fashions. I realized after I selected the items that there wasn't much on there for bitty babies.  
It's funny how quickly I've forgotten about my daughter's early days.  Less than a year ago she was in that cuddly, pj's are appropriate all day phase. She seemed so tiny at the time that I wondered if we should even go through the hassle of dressing her up for Halloween.  
Here are some picks for you parents want to be festive but might not want to deal with selecting a costume.  They also make great gifts for any Fall baby. 
P.S. I really wish I had known about these elf suits last year.  

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