Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gifts in Gold (HwK's Holiday Gift Guide)

By now you've probably seen at least a dozen gift guides.  If you are like me, you've missed Black Friday, and Cyber Monday and you are already anxious about the shipping windows for a timely holiday delivery.

So, why not make things easy and absurd and get all of your gifts in one color? This year, HwK going for the gold, well gold gifts that are under $100 dollars.  Because who would complain about opening something with a little sparkle?

Gold Magnetic Polaroid Frames- Perfect for the new parent that wants a little glam on the fridge or in the office.
Annie Glass Heart Bowl- Tiny but elegant
Jonathan Adler Zebra Stacking Dish- For the temptress
Monogram Throw Pillow- Good for grownups, recent college grads and babies
West Elm Tray- Available in other colors and looks good in any home
Agate Coasters- Because if you are going to gift coasters they should be gorgeous
Jonathan Adler Gold Candle- 40 dollars for a candle?? I know, but they smell and look great.
Mikasa Flutes- For the newly engaged or cohabitating couple
Growler with Gold Moose- For your  mountain friend who is into homemade brewing. (You know who you are) 

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